A well-managed Floppy Sprinkler system offers lower inputs costs (energy, fungicides, pesticides and fertilizer), lower labour costs and lower maintenance costs with a significant increase in yield and quality – also on marginal, rocky or sandy soils. Expandable system allows you to start with as little as one-eight acre and expandable to thousands of hectares.

Agriculture Applications

  • Livestock forage
  • Sugar Cane
  • Upland rice
  • All grain crops
  • All vegetable crops
  • Fruit, nuts, coffee trees
  • Livestock cooling in hot climates
  • Crop cooling hot climates boosts productivity and harvest

The Floppy Riser System: A short riser or tall riser system ideal for vegetables, sugarcane, bananas and other crops.

The Floppy Lite Overhead Cable System:  A lite overhead cable system with no equipment on the ground is ideal for vegetables, Lucerne and other crops where tillage practice favour an overhead system.

The Floppy Sprinkler was independently tested by the SA Institute for Agricultural Engineering, confirming significant water and energy savings compared to conventional irrigational systems.

Greenhouse application – Blue Floppy Sprinkler

Solar Panel Wash – optimised cost-efficiency