Solar Floppy Irrigation is the sole Agent for Floppy Sprinklers® covering the East African Region with opportunities to expand from there.  We are a team of agriculturists, environmentalists and livestock specialists combing two proven technologies – Solar – and Floppy irrigation technology for exponentially positive results for farmers in Kenya and neighbouring countries. 

We offer scalable solutions to the climate change crisis through our three integrated businesses: Solar Floppy irrigation, Regen-360 and Livestock Trade Services

Solar Floppy is a part of
Advantages: On-grid or Off-Grid


Very Low Maintenance
  • High quality materials and no moving parts (other then the pump)

  • Significant advantages over center pivot and drip irrigation due to less maintenance and part replacement

  • Solar panel washing done with Floppies, other than that it is virtually maintenance free.

Cost Savings 
  • Long lifespan of 25+ years for Floppies and Solar Power

  • Pays for itself in 3 years or less, saving significant money over time.  For eg, compared to a 100 Ha center pivot running on the national grid, $2 million (KSh 200,000,000) is saved in electricity costs alone over 20 years. 

Distinct Advantages 
  • Precision Agriculture : System can be linked with soil moisture sensors and thus fully automated
  • Very even water distribution across the field means no standing water, no soil or nutrient runoff, therefore  less disease and fewer farm inputs such as fertilizer and pesticides.
  • Effective micro-cooling in hot months

  • Best in Irrigation Five-Year Guarantee on Floppies