Trial results: Approx 45% increase in production + 45% decrease in fertilizer + quality gains. Watch the video...

Farm Size: 23,000 acres most of which is currently under center pivot irrigation

On-Farm demo comparing: Solar-powered floppy sprinklers with large center-pivot irrigation systems (wheat, barley, Lucerne)

Production and Efficiency gains compared to Center Pivots:

  • Production increases: wheat 55%, Barley 45%, Lucerne 40%
  • Zero use of expensive pesticides and fungicides due to even water distribution and less disease
  • Energy, water, and fertilizer savings average 30+%
  • Plant root strength and crop vitality increased due to rain-like irrigation pattern
  • Higher Quality: seed sizes, protein content, germination rates, greenness & freshness
  • Production per Ha: 8 tonnes of wheat / Ha + straw for fodder = US 3,440 + US $ 500 

  Cost per Ha (approx.):  US $ 1000

  Profit per Ha (approx.): US$2500+

Note:  Farmer skills, soil type, crop selection, water needs, climate conditions vary between farms so your farm may experience larger or smaller gains than Al Salhia farm.

Shalateen Farm (Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture program for bedouins)

May 2019  – After a demo using Floppy Sprinklers, the Ministry of Agriculture decided to sell off the impact sprinklers they had recently installed and replace them with Floppy Sprinklers.

Courtesy of and Thanks To:

Green Eagle Tech Ltd: Egypt Agent for Floppy Sprinkler Ltd.

Al Salhia Farm: