Floppy SprinklerTM Technology offers a revolutionary solution for farmers who need reliable water to grow crops year-round, can  benefit from fewer inputs - and get higher yields.

Floppy Sprinkler is a revolutionary irrigation system designed for the future of farming. The floppy sprinkler is based on cutting-edge technology and has been patented in 11 countries. At the core of the sprinkler's success is its flow controller which ensures a very accurate flow of water that imitates rain drops. Made entirely from plastic and silicone, it has no moving parts and thus requires no or minimal maintenance. 

Do-it-yourself maintenance sprinkler. No wearing parts.

Agriculture Applications: Livestock forage, all grain crops, all vegetable crops, fruit, nuts and coffee trees, sugarcane, upland rice (Livestock cooling in hot climates + crop cooling in hot climates boosts productivity and harvest)

Watch the video showing even water distribution throughout the field with Floppy Sprinkler. Hence no waterlogging, less crop disease and fungal infections, fewer pests, and less fertilizer runoff. The result? Higher crop yields at lower costs.